Six More Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Episode 216Brute Strength


Adee Cazayoux is back on this week’s Brute Podcast to join Michael in discussing six new tips on how you can improve your relationship.

Listen as they share a unique dialogue technique that can be used for conflict resolution and see why they say you should be training your partner like a dog.

If you haven’t caught your favorite power couple on their new podcast, the WAG Podcast, be sure to give it a listen for weekly updates from the Cazayouxs as they cover topics of health, nutrition and relationships.


02:10 – Tip #1: Regulate yourself

15:16 – Tip #2: Phones away!

19:30 – Tip #3: Have novel experiences together

25:05 – Tip #4: Use IMAGO Dialogue Technique

33:50 – Tip #5: Have better sex, more often

40:00 – Tip #6: Praise your partner

Notable Mentions:

IMAGO Dialogue Technique


Getting The Love You Want – Harville Hendrix


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