Skills vs. Strength In Gymnastics ft. Nick Sorrel

Episode 196Brute Strength


Just like the progression of any relationship, your ability to advance in gymnastics relies on fundamentals—as in, to show off your expert form, you first need to build a solid foundation.

In true doctor fashion, Head of Brute Gymnastics Dr. Nick Sorrel joins this week’s Brute podcast to dissect the more advanced movements of the sport to help set you up for success. He also jumps into the differences between strength and skill to discuss how each plays a role in improving your performance.

If you’re craving more of Sorrel’s wisdom, you can queue up his other appearances on the Brute Strength podcast: What Is Brute: Fundamentals of Gymnastics, PRing Your Muscle Up, Gymnastics Programming 101.


11:10 – The Four Burners Theory

24:00 – 12 Rules of Life

30:10 – Key gymnastics principles

48:40 – Mistakes in training

53:20 – Dissecting the muscle-up


The Perfect Day Formula – Craig Ballantyne (Free copy)


Deep Work – Cal Newport

Digital Minimalism – Cal Newport

Atomic Habits – James Clear

The Perfect Day Formula – Craig Ballantyne

12 Rules of Life – Jordan Peterson

Tools of Titans – Tim Ferris


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