Strength Training During Childbearing Years — Failures, Triumphs, and Lessons Learned with Michaela North

Episode 124Brute Strength


Today’s guest is Michaela North — head women’s coach at Brute Body for Women, a mother of three (with another one on the way), and a member of the 2017 Affiliate Cup Championship team the Wasatch Brutes. On this show, we talk about how Michaela is able to do everything she does while raising her family. She tells the story of narrowly missing the Crossfit Games in 2016 by one spot, and shares all about her experiences training and competing with the Wasatch Brutes. My respect for Michaela only increased after hearing her perspective on some of the challenges that she’s overcome in her life, and I know you’ll be inspired by it too. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[:52] Introducing the head coach of Brute Body for Women Michaela North.

[5:36] Balancing training with raising a family starts with having a passion for both.

[12:41] Why work-life separation is more effective than work-life balance.

[14:41] Physical preparation for and recovery from childbirth, especially for your abs.

[24:00] How first-time moms can stay fit and safe during pregnancy and postpartum.

[27:10] Battling for the 5th place spot in the 2016 Crossfit Games.

[38:33] Moving forward after failing — how to plan for success and manage your mindset better.

[43:00] Michaela’s decision to form a team after not qualifying as an individual.

[54:41] Why confidence and intimidation start with a champion’s mentality.

[1:00:21] The source of Michaela’s courage to share her issues, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses with the world.

[1:07:38] Lessons learned from coaching — about others and about herself.


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