Stronger By Science ft. Greg Nuckols

Episode 220Brute Strength


At 27 years old, Greg Nuckols made waves as a strength and conditioning coach. Now, the founder of Stronger by Science is using his online platform to help lifters and coaches train smarter.

This week on the Brute Podcast, Greg joins Michael to discuss the difference between practicing and learning, how to think scientifically in training, and in life, as well as what to do when you start to lose motivation.


06:40 – Tricking athletes into PRs

13:14 – Getting into strength training

25:50 – Research vs. results

36:40 – Soft skills & coaching

52:40 – Verbiage & imagery

61:20 – Getting into training for the wrong reason


Stronger by Science


What Is This Thing Called Science – A.F. Chalmers


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