Take Risks, Overcome Challenges and Follow Your Passion with Mitch and Garrett Holeve

Episode 118Brute Strength


My guests today are Mitch and Garrett Holeve. Garrett is a 27-year-old mixed martial arts fighter who was born with Down Syndrome. In this show, we tell his story of overcoming challenges and following his passion. Throughout the show you’ll hear him use the “D” word — he doesn’t use the term Down Syndrome because he doesn’t let it define him. He has transformed his life into much more, and I hope you find this conversation as inspiring as I did. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[:33] Growing up just Garrett

[4:17] Bringing MMA into the picture

[8:21] Developing the passion for jiu-jitsu

[9:33] Finding himself through fighting

[12:50] Why anyone could fall in love with martial arts

[16:27] Garrett’s favorite part of the gym

[18:23] The mental hours that go into training

[20:38] Garrett’s proudest fighting moments

[26:40] Mitch’s journey as parent and coach

[29:20] Why Garrett’s story needs to be told

[33:45] Find your passion and take risks to follow it.


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