Take Your Gym Business To The Next Level with Markus Gerszi

Episode 138Brute Strength


Meet my business mentor, Markus Gerszi. I first met Markus at a business seminar and since then he’s become one of my biggest influences in operating a business. Are you a gym/ business owner? In this episode we talk about Markus’ company, Gymwright, a platform that helps gym owners build better businesses. We’ll be getting into some of the common myths of being an entrepreneur, misconceptions about owning your own business, and finally his methodologies for experiencing growth, improving customer retention, and learning how to delegate. Enjoy the show.

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Topics of discussion:

[04:00] – Life Cycle Strategy

[10:10] – Creating an automation system for your gym/ business

[12:04] – Life Cycle Marketing software

[16:30] – Initial client assessment

[33:54] – Misconceptions on the meaning of Quality

[53:00] – Creating retention

[1:05:49] – Starting your gym/ business

[1:11:37] – Delegating and outsourcing in your business



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The E-Myth by M. Gerber


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