The Attitude of an Athlete and Entrepreneur with Margaux Alvarez

Episode 134Brute Strength


This week’s guest is Crossfit competitor Margaux Alvarez. Margaux is one of the most composed Crossfit athletes I’ve ever watched, and it was a pleasure talking about some of the experiences that she’s had that have shaped who she is. We’re talking today about her mindset, how she developed it, the vineyard she has opened with her husband Alex, and some of the productivity and time management skills that she has had to develop as both an elite athlete and an entrepreneur. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[:48] Who are the funniest and most admirable Crossfit Games athletes?

[5:58] Margaux’s decision to continue competing after opening a vineyard.

[9:28] Shift your ‘but’ to ‘and’ and you’re going to find success.

[11:43] How sales at The Vine Yard Crossfit are affected by fitness followers.

[14:57] Time management skills allow Margaux to rock the vineyard and the gym.

[19:28] The evolution from high school golf team to powerhouse athlete.

[22:14] How the passing of Margaux’s sister has affected her life for the better.

[31:40] Where does calmness during competition come from?

[34:18] If she could start training all over again…

[37:01] Trainer turned husband and business partner — how Margaux and Alex make their multiple relationships work.

[42:43] Best books, core beliefs, and taking action.

[51:45] Connecting with Margaux.


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The Vine Yard Crossfit

Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging, by Sebastian Junger


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