The Awakening of Functional Body Building ft. Marcus Filly

Episode 198Brute Strength


Welcome to the awakening of functional bodybuilding.

Marcus Filly, the founder of Revival Strength, joins the Brute Podcast for a second time to take us to ground zero of functional bodybuilding. Marcus began his health and wellness journey while attending med school but soon realized, through all the long readings and lectures, that his intended path in the field was meant for something more.

So he made the decision to say goodbye to med school and find a more fulfilling way to apply his love for health and fitness. Since then, he has competed at the CrossFit Games six times and founded Revival Strength—the leader in functional bodybuilding.

In this episode, Marcus enlightens us on what it means to train for longevity, how to find a sustainable training program year-round and what it truly means to look good and move well. So you can close your books, because this episode is all about the application.


15:00 – Ashram and meditation

20:45 – Stepping away from med school

32:00 – Introduction to CrossFit

36:30 – The awakening of functional bodybuilding

51:00 – Looking good and moving well


Revival Strength



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