The biggest imbalances and deficiencies in Crossfitters

Episode 36Brute Strength


Injuries can be one of the most devastating experiences that athletes, or anyone for the matter, can go through. Not only can it completely halt all progress, but it can be a huge emotional and mental blow to all of the hard work you’ve already put in – so why wait until an injury to start caring for your body? It’s always better to be proactive than reactive and that’s exactly why you need to learn about “Performance Care” with @activeliferx.

In this episode I link up with the guys from Active Life RX to go over some of their injury prevention techniques including: end-range strength & mobility, how to strengthen your tendons/ joints with tempo work, and structural balancing for your shoulders, ankle, hips, and more.

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Topics of discussion:

  • [3:28] Elite athletes on the Active Life Rx program
  • [7:15] Program/ philosophy
  • [10:25] How you can gain strength in end-range movements
  • [15:10] Why you should include carrying & holds into your workouts
  • [18:05] Tips for incorporating holds into your workouts
  • [21:36] What can Active Life RX do for you?
  • [29:25] Tempo work – what does it do & how does it work?
  • [33:50] The ActiveLifeRx quality
  • [43:10] Success stories
  • [49:07] Properly assessing injuries and learning how to prevent them

Check out our video podcast with Active Life RX from episode 4
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