The Carnivore Diet and Extreme Mental Clarity

Episode 193Brute Strength


Mic drop. Dr. Anthony Gustin is back on the Brute Strength Podcast for another round of knowledge bombs on mindful eating, carb tolerance and the importance of solitude. If you missed round one with the creator of Perfect Keto, visit Episode 156 of the Brute Strength Podcast here.

If you’re ready to dive straight into this episode, get ready for Dr. Gustin to go full-on “MythBusters” on all things surrounding the carnivore diet and why it works, plus stay tuned as he shares tips for understanding how many carbs you can tolerate before your body leaves ketosis.


01:10 – The carnivore diet

12:00 – Mindful eating

19:20 – Mental clarity

25:02 – Carb tolerance

30:50 – Killer habits

40:00 – Importance of solitude

51:06 – Make learning a priority


Waking Up App


Deep Work – Cal Newport

So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Cal Newport

Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused LIfe in a Noisy World – Cal Newport

Essentialism – James Latham


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