The Do’s and Don’ts to Fat Loss, Strength Building and More

Episode 43Brute Strength


In this episode I sit down with Jake (@jacobhutton1) and Sunny Hutton (@sunnyhutton), Head Coaches of Brute Body. I’ll be asking them a lot of your questions about body transformation, including how to build more muscle, how to get stronger legs, and how to get a better ass and bigger chest. Tune in for some nutrition and dieting techniques including carb back-loading, carb cycling, living the paleo lifestyle and finally what makes Brute Body so unique compared to CrossFit or other body transformation programs.

If you’re hitting plateaus and not seeing the results you’re looking for then that’s because you’re not on Brute Body, come check out what all the fuss is about.

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Topics of discussion:

  • [3:38] What does it take to make a full body transformation?
  • [6:50] Some things that are holding you back that you might not be aware of
  • [8:59] What you need to know in order to change your body
  • [12:15] Jake’s advice for those looking to make a body and lifestyle change
  • [14:53] CrossFit vs. Brute Body
  • [16:53] What to do when you’re training hard and still hitting plateaus
  • [19:25] What is carb back-loading?
  • [21:09] Nutrition/ Dieting
  • [36:30] Building muscle with Hypertrophy work
  • [40:15] What to expect with Brute Body