The Fastest Way to Recover and Increase your ROM

Episode 25Brute Strength


This week I interviewed the founders of the online yoga company ROMWOD. The guys that have made yoga cool to tens of thousands of fitnessers across the world.

If you don’t know who they are yet, ROMWOD allows you to either follow their daily programming, or select specific muscles to prepare or recover. They also allow you to select how long you want each session to last creating an individualized feel.

ROMWOD is based on Yin Yoga, which incorporates long holds of up to 6 minutes. Where traditional yoga incorporates a flow and continuous movement, Yin Yoga is basically just getting into a pose and hanging out. It is incredibly relaxing and effective at getting muscles and joints to open up.

They go into the physiological response of the long holds, the benefits of focusing on the breath, and just how they made it cool to do yoga. Finally. Enjoy the Show.

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