The Flexible Dieter’s Guide To Counting Macros

Episode 147Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I interview my good friend Zach Rocheleau. Zach is what you would call a Macro Magician. Whether you’re new to flexible dieting or looking for tips on creating more macro-friendly meals, this episode is layered with tons of information that will help you get your diet headed in the right direction. We discuss tips for dining out, improving your relationship with food, and how to stay motivated in any diet. Do yourself a favor and check out his Instagram. Enjoy the show.


05:10 – Athletic career

14:30 – Breaking into the nutrition business

18:43 – Explaining the law of thermodynamics

20:07 – Breaking down macros

26:28 – What is flexible dieting?

35:50 – Understanding the effects of food on your body

42:00 – Where to start with flexible dieting

54:40 – Tips for dining out

1:00:20 – Staying motivated with your diet





Start With Why – Sinek

Flexible Dieting 2.0 – Cagney


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