The Godfather of Strength and Conditioning, Dan John

Episode 16Brute Strength


This week I had the opportunity to interview one of the Godfathers of Strength and Conditioning, Dan John. For years I have looked up to Dan as a coach and man in general. He is a no-bullshit, do what works kind of guy.

Coach was a 2x Highland Games Champion, a full bright scholar, and has coached Olympians, special forces, professional athletes as well as thousands of ordinary folks.

He has written for numerous magazines, newspapers, and websites including Breaking Muscle, Men’s Health, and T-nation for years.

We talk about some technical things like the minimum effective dose and “internal pressure.” My favorite part of the interview was talking a little sports psychology and hearing a few great analogies on the concept of being properly aroused for specific sports.

There are some real gems in this one. I hope you enjoy.