The Keto Answers” ft. Dr. Anthony Gustin

Episode 221Brute Strength


The walking encyclopedia for all things Keto is back, this time he’s got his own book!

Please welcome Dr. Anthony Gustin for the third time on the Brute Podcast. In this episode, Anthony goes over what he calls “The Four Pillars of Health”. Both Michael and Anthony will be diving into sleep, movement, stress management, and you guessed it, the ketogenic diet. Each episode with Anthony gets better and better. If you enjoy this episode, definitely check out   Anthony’s previous appearances on episode 156 & 193— links below!


03:51 – Relationships and commitment

14:50 – “Keto Answers”

19:36 – Four Pillars of Health

22:46 – Sleep

33:36 – Movement

45:36 – Stress Management

51:51 – Keto diet

67:06 – Grass-fed vs. conventional meat

73:15 – Blue zones


Keto Answers Podcast

Episode 156

Episode 193


Keto Answers – Anthony Gustin


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