The Making of a CrossFit Games Champion with Dallin Pepper

Episode 005Brute Strength


On today’s episode, we’re joined by 3x Crossfit Games Teen Champion, Dallin Pepper. At just 19 years old, Dallin has seen more success in our sport than your average CrossFit Games Competitor. With a 300 lb. Snatch and a 360 lb. Clean & Jerk, Dallin is well equipped to compete alongside the big dawgs – but are these incredible feats of strength enough to become one of the best?

Tune into today’s conversation to find out how Dallin has been preparing his mind & body for a dominating performance at this year’s West Coast Classic. We also get into finding balance between training and his new marriage, and what it takes to become a CrossFit Games Champion. You’re in for one hell of a show with one of the rising stars in our sport.

2:39 Why Dallin chose Brute Strength 

6:52 How Dallin’s parents supported him as an athlete

12:30 Does age matter in CrossFit now?

16:35 How Dallin developed laser-like focus

24:25 What traits define a champion

26:30 How to deal with the anxiety of competition

30:49 Balancing training & a new marriage 

39:15 Dallin’s Legacy


Topics: CrossFit Games, Semi-Finals, mindset, habits

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