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This week’s guest is Matt Fitzgerald, the author of many, many books including How Bad Do You Want It and The Endurance Diet. He is also a runner and a coach. In our conversation today, we dive into some of the topics presented in How Bad Do You Want It and discuss how mindset and mental fitness can push us to new peaks. Matt offers practical advice on how to use framing to put you in the right mindset no matter what kind of pressure you’re under as well as what daily practices you can do to get started today.

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Topics of discussion:

[1:25] Introducing Matt Fitzgerald — author of How Bad Do You Want It.

[2:15] How does Matt approach his goals and achieve them?

[5:45] Matt offers suggestions on how to find and cultivate passion.

[11:20] In the book, How Bad Do You Want It, Matt talks about the differences between mental toughness vs. mental fitness. How does the attitude you have in life affect this?

[15:30] You need to have intent. That’s step one to anything you do in life.

[18:35] What is ‘perceived exertion’?

[23:50] How to train for the ability to overcome our inhibitions.

[27:15] Matt explains how body language can affect perceived exertion.

[30:25] Best practices on ways to develop a positive relationship with failure.

[34:10] Matt offers tips to help people calm down and re-focus when they’re feeling a lot of pressure.

[37:35] When we’re in our own head, that’s when our mind messes with our mechanics.

[41:35] What are some of the best daily practices people can adopt to improve their mindset?

[53:10] Connecting with Matt.


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