The Ohio Brutes

Episode 008Brute Strength


On today’s episode, we’re joined by our elite, up and coming team, The Ohio Brutes. After watching their dreams of qualifying for the CrossFit Games disappear last year due to COVID-19, these guys are hungrier than ever before. Before watching them punch their ticket at this year’s West Coast Classic, we wanted to dive into who these guys are, and how a tragic end to their 2020 season helped shape them into a stronger, tighter unit. Tune in to today’s episode for all the juicy details.

6:05 How the Ohio Brutes came together

7:40 Their experience working with Brute Strength

8:58 The tragic end to their 2020 Season

12:09 How team training differs from individual training 

16:15 How they used the “Mullet Test” to assign their team captain

27:10 What it’s like to perform the Quarter Finals Qualifiers at 10 PM 

30:17 The Redemption Shot

Topics: CrossFit Games, Semi-Finals, mindset, habits

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