The Order of Man ft. Ryan Michler

Episode 94Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I’m excited to share with you, Ryan Michler. Ryan is the host/ owner of the successful podcast and blog: The Order of Man. For most of his childhood Ryan grew up without a permanent father figure, never learning how to work on his own car or even how to properly throw a baseball until high school. Ryan has since dedicated himself to teaching guys the meaning of fatherhood, as well as how to become strong and honorable men outside of home. In this episode we’ll be going back to the roots of masculinity and unlocking the true essence of man.

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Topics of discussion:

[2:40] Being tough vs. vulnerable

[4:30] The Order of Man

[6:35] First step in changing your life

[14:25] Masculinity vs. Femininity

[18:18] Challenging yourself

[20:02] Controlling your energy; masculine vs. feminine

[25:40] Ryan’s daily rituals

[32:20] What is failure?

[48:30] Fatherhood

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Order of Man