The Ready State ft. Kelly Starrett

Episode 219Brute Strength


When it comes to relieving pain, preventing injury, and improving physical performance, Kelly Starrett is your guy.

Kelly joins the Brute podcast for the second time to share his ideas on family values, and movement principles. In this episode Kelly share’s his ideology behind intentional parenting, raising a family, and being the absolute best for your tribe. The conversation later switches to the topic of pain. What does it mean to be injured vs experiencing pain, how to get the most out of your recovery as well as some emerging new health trends.

For more on personal development and movement efficiency be sure to give this episode a listen.


01:00 – Ideas on movement

09:10 – Starting a family

29:00 – Creating habits with your kids

33:15 – When to start a family

40:30 – Movement & pain

49:35 – Improving your environment for better health

58:23 – Detrimental habits

1:09:00 – The Ready State


LapTop 30 (VariDesk)

The Ready State


Muscles and Meridians  – Phillip Beach

Sport Gene – David Epstein


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