The Right Way To Set Goals So You Can Crush Them in 2018 with Adee Cazayoux

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This show is a special episode that I do each month with my wife Adee Cazayoux, owner of Working Against Gravity. Adee and her company have worked with over 15,000 people — helping them transform their lives by dialing in on their nutrition. These special episodes are always favorites and some of the most popular I’ve done. Today we’re talking about being consistent with your diet, accuracy, goal setting, nutrient timing and more. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[:40] Goal setting and why you’re probably getting it wrong.

[7:08] Capitalize on your new year momentum — the right way to do goal setting starts with micro goals.

[11:19] Want a six pack in six months? Start with your ‘why,’ then break it down.

[16:37] Identify and overcome your obstacles before you hit them.

[20:10] What to do when the motivation just isn’t there.

[23:56] 2017 lessons learned — making friends, control, taking accountability, and focusing on what you can do for other people.

[36:01] Q&A — best food options post workout.

[40:10] The science behind eating higher carbs and losing weight.

[44:13] Finding time to eat a healthy, fulfilling breakfast — and my favorite fast recipe.

[47:30] The importance of vegetables in your diet.

[49:07] What Adee wants you to know, and how to connect with her.


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