The Rise of CrossFit Invictus ft. CJ Martin

Episode 205Brute Strength


First, CJ Martin passed the bar to become a lawyer. Then he went on to raise the bar in what it means to be an elite CrossFit coach.

The former attorney now owns the infamous CrossFit Invictus, home gym to a number of elite CrossFit athletes, and this week he’s joining the Brute Strength podcast to discuss mentorship, leadership and entrepreneurship.

In this episode, CJ takes it back to the beginning, discussing how he traded in the security of a career in law to jump into the unknown, open a gym and nearly lose it before becoming a coaching legacy in the sport.

Enjoy the show!


03:46 – Asia CrossFit Championships

06:38 – Coaching teams and preparing for The Games

11:00 – Changes in The Games season

26:50 – Life before coaching

38:02 – Highs and lows

54:15 – Coach/athlete relationships



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