The Science of Body Metamorphosis ft. James Krieger

Episode 234Brute Strength


James Krieger is a man of many hats; Scientist, Researcher, Coach, and Entrepreneur.

James owns Weightology, an online platform designed to help educate you on the best

scientific ways to build muscle and lose fat. In today’s episode James shares his story on how he went from Computer Science to Exercise Science, achieving full body metamorphosis, diet wars, and the idea of “thinking about what you’re thinking”.

This episode is full of tips that will help you find adherence to your diet, taking control of your environment, and how to transform the way you think about things.


01:00 – Intro

10:40 – Computer Science to Exercise Science

14:38 – Weightology

17:00 – Adherence & Success

26:30 – Control your environment for diet adherence

30:00 – Diet wars

47:00 – Thinking about your thinking

56:20 – Habits & exercises for thinking clearly





How We Know What Isn’t So – Thomas Gilovich

The Hungry Brain – Stephan Guyenet

Science As A Candle In The Dark– Carl Sagan

Case Closed – Gerald Posner


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