The “Secrets” To Athletic Development

Episode 139Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast it is my honor to host an OG in the Strength & Conditioning community, Mike Robertson. Mike had a big influence early in my career as a Strength Coach at Southern Utah State University. Whether you’re a coach, or an aspiring athlete, this one’s got something for you. In this episode we’ll be getting into program design, athletic development, and the right way to train your core. Enjoy the show.

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Topics of discussion:

05:05 – Social Media & Fitness

13:10 – Serial Batching

17:18 – Athlete buy-in

28:40 – Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)

35:03 – Anti-Core training

40:08 – Spinal mobility

49:30 – Program design


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Physical Preparation 101

T-Nation Articles

Freedom App

Simple Strength Program – Phase 1, Phase 2


The Slight Edge – Olson

The Obstacle Is The Way – Holiday


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