The Tier System ft. NFL’s Joe Kenn

Episode 67Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I’ll be interviewing NFL’s Head Strength Coach for the Carolina Panthers, Joe Kenn (@bighousepower). WARNING: This episode may change the way you train. Are you training a sport with a sport? How do you structure your exercise order & movement categories? We’ll be covering that and more in this episode, as well as Joe’s coveted “Tier System”, a systematic program design model, and the power of movement before muscle. This entire episode is one huge knowledge bomb. Make sure to check out Joe’s website to learn more about his methodology and The Tier System.

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Topics of discussion:

[6:24] – Joe’s background in Strength & Conditioning

[11:08] – Prioritized training

[17:35] – How The Tier System started

[19:13] – Fundamentals of The Tier System

[23:42] – Implementing The Tier System & Block Zero Training

[34:22] – Structured goal setting

[42:49} – In-Season training

[45:50] – The cutting edge in Recovery

[58:15] – Big names in Strength & Conditioning

[1:01:08] – GPS tracking


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