The Training Think Tank with Max El-Hag

Episode 158Brute Strength


Max El-Hag, the mad scientist of the CrossFit world and owner of the Training Think Tank, is most known for the work he’s done helping athletes Noah Ohlsen and Travis Mayer prepare for the CrossFit Games. Max dives into exercise science and kinesiology, proper movement and what it really means to train like a pro. He shares his methods for setting goals, managing expectations and training through adversity. As he puts it, “Everybody loses before they become a champion, so just accept it and keep going.”


12:18 – Competition & athletics

10:40 – Back injury

18:00 – What makes a good coach

22:10 – Training like a pro

25:30 – Remote coaching vs. in-person

31:00 – Goal setting for your sport

37:10 – Training Games athletes

50:05 – Training adversity

58:15 – What is a think tank?






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