The Wild Card Spot ft. Hunter McIntyre

Episode 207Brute Strength


This week’s Brute Podcast is wild—and it has everything to do with guest Hunter McIntyre.

Hunter is back on the Brute Podcast in advance of this year’s 2019 CrossFit Games to express his excitement—and gratitude—for making it into this year’s Games with the wild card draw.

(Rumor has it that if he doesn’t place in the top 15, he’ll be rocking a new belly button piercing by the end of the year.)

Listen to hear more about how he went from rehab to OCR Champ, other crazy stories and to learn how Hunter is preparing for one of the most grueling challenges in sport.


09:28 – Going to the CrossFit Games

27:40 – Looking for a new challenge

23:50 – Open vs. Regionals vs. Games

38:50 – Competing for the podium

47:51 – Yearly ritual




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