Tommy Hackenbruck and Mental Toughness

Episode 1Brute Strength


It is only fitting that our very first podcast be with the biggest brUTE in the game, Tommy Hackenbruck. Tommy has been one of my best friends and mentors over the last several years. We have won the Crossfit Games together twice. We have done Sealfit together. We have gone through a lot.

The most impressive thing about Tommy is his mental game. The best example I can give of how tough this dude is is my experience with him at Sealfit. There are future Navy Seals in every Kokoro camp class. There were nearly 10 Games athletes. He blew everyone out of the water. Was he in pain? Yes. Did he show it? Not in the least.

I finally got to sit down on camera with him and ask him exactly what led to his mental toughness. We talked about steroid use in Crossfit and his experience at the Games as an individual vs. a team.