Tommy Marquez on CF Games analysis and the future of the Games

Episode 21Brute Strength


This one was a fun one for me. Tommy is a guy that I look up to in every sense. He is passionate about his his career, he works his ass off in the gym, and he is a damned good human being.

We talked about his role as on the update show, how he got the job, and how he prepares for those shows. I am always interested in hearing how people prepare for going on camera, because I think that can translate to speaking in front of groups, large or small.

I asked him about some of the data that the CF Games team has been collecting and what kind of things they can predict in the future by looking at the data.

We also had a special guest Brooke Ence jump on there a couple times to read some #MeanInstagramComments.

Hope everyone enjoys the show.