Top 10 Questions About Supplements with Driven Nutrition

Episode 26Brute Strength


This one’s a little different. A while ago I posted on social media asking you all for questions about supplements. I took the 50+ questions and took the top 11. In this podcast, the owners of Driven Nutrition Jason Rule and Brian King read and answer the questions. Jacob Hutton and I are there to ask clarifying questions and dig a little deeper. Below are the questions asked and answered. Hope you enjoy the show.

  1. Should people even buy supplements if their diet is shitty? Should they just spend that extra money on higher quality food? In terms of losing body fat? In terms of gaining weight?
  2. What is the difference in protein synthesis between whole foods and protein supplements? What effect does this have on body composition? Performance?
  3. When an athlete is trying to cut bodyfat, the key is consistency, and a big factor in that is feeling full. If drinking calories takes away from this feeling of being full, do you still recommend it? Are there any athletes that need them more than others?
  4. Is there a difference in taking straight dextrose vs. fruit, juice, sports drink, etc?
  5. What is creatine and how do I use it?
  6. What is the most reliable resource for quality information on supplementation for those that want to do the research on their own?
  7. How can we verify where ingredients come from in certain supplements?
  8. How beneficial are BCAAs to a Crossfit athlete and when should they be taken?
  9. What exactly is ZMA and who is it good for? What about women?
  10. Are there any ingredients that we should avoid in different supplements? How do we spot them?
  11. If an athlete only has $50/month to spend on supplements, what should he or she take? How about $100? Where should they buy it from?