Train, Adapt, Evolve ft. Patrick Estes and Aaron Davis

Episode 102Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I interview the specialist from Train, Adapt, Evolve, Patrick Estes and Aaron Davis (@trainadaptevolve). These guys are two of the best strength and conditioning coaches I’ve ever met. We take a couple different approaches to strength and conditioning on this weeks show and dive into topics like basic principles and fundamentals to strength and conditioning, developing as a coach, the technology they are using, and how to view an athlete as a system. If you guys are coaches or are looking to get into the coaching world, there are a lot of nuggets of information in this one. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[2:45] Viewing athletes as whole systems to drive performance outputs

[6:41] How structure effects function

[10:02] CrossFits lack of movement sphere

[16:30] What you should be implementing in your training (*shownotes)

[20:13] Adaptation through frequency and force

[23:28] OmegaWave Monitoring

[29:09] Variance in the athlete’s OmegaWaves

[31:21] Raising your neural drive

[34:56] Moxy monitors and power outputs

[38:24] Continued education, cultivated curiosity and learning from others

[44:20] Tips for the young strength and conditioning coach

[47:36] Sticking to the fundamentals and not following fads


90/90 Hip Lift

PRI – Postural restoration Institute

All four belly lifts

Applied Functional Science – Gary Gray

Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers