Understanding worth ethic, suffering, and yourself ft. Bobby Maximus

Episode 108Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I interview my good friend, Rob McDonald (@bobbymaximus). If you guys have heard our first two episodes with Rob, you know that he offers a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training both the physical and mental. Rob was a huge asset to the Hackspack team that won the affiliate cup and more recently the author of the Maximus Body. Rob is the general manager at Gym Jones and a key contributor to the Gym Jones Seminars that are known for their lasting effects both in physical performance and in life transformations. We talk about the experiences the shaped him to be both the athlete and coach he is today, his new book, and training philosophies inside and outside of the gym. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[1:20] What happened to Rob’s bicep

[4:50] Becoming Bobby Maximus

[6:30] Finding the weight room as a kid

[7:50] Mentors and influencers growing up

[10:30] What it means to be a coach

[11:48] Getting into UFC and what it taught Rob

[18:38] Becoming aware of negative thoughts

[21:05] Setting everything you do toward a goal

[23:31] How to filter through opportunities

[28:30] Living an unconventional life

[32:51] Gym Jones Seminar

[35:45] The term “suffering”

[37:15] Being goal driven with programming

[40:26] What “salvation” means to Gym Jones

[44:12] Having a root belief in yourself and work ethic

[47:16] The 90% rule

[49:00] What Rob has been up to


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