Vulnerability and a Driven Purpose ft. Brooke Ence

Episode 71Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast we’re going Round 2 with Games Athlete & Brute Athlete, Brooke Ence (@brookeence). Brooke is definitely one of the most entertaining athletes to watch both in and outside the gym. If you haven’t already checked out her YouTube series be sure to click the link below! This weeks’ episode is all about vulnerability and mindset. In this episode we get a closer look at Brooke’s life as an athlete, what it was like to miss The CrossFit Games by a few points, and how she uses this to motivate herself for the new season. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[6:30] YouTube series

[12:25] 2016 Regionals

[18:40] Not making it to The CrossFit Games

[40:15] Avoiding “shiny object syndrome”

[46:42] Life after CrossFit

[49:42] Correcting misconceptions


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