We all squat, pull, snatch, but what do the best do differently?

Episode 41Brute Strength


Olympic Weightlifting is gaining high notoriety in the US as the years go on. This week, we decided to dedicate our episode to helping our listeners and aspiring athletes with tips from Brute’s strong boys – Jeff Wittmer and Matt Bruce. Whether you’re new to weightlifting or a seasoned athlete, these guys are here to help you to learn how to assess your body, improve your techniques, and reach new PR’s. Be sure to check out the Brute OLY program after the episode!

Topics of discussion:

  • [2:00] Getting introduced to the sport of Olympic Weightlifting
  • [12:00] What makes a good Weightlifting program?
  • [17:20] How to get the most out of an online program like Brute OLY
  • [19:43] Listen to your body – how to recognize when you’re over training
  • [21:59] Assessing your performance & avoiding a plateau
  • [21:59] Tips to help you get through your first competition
  • [26:42] Biggest mistakes people make the week before competition
  • [29:00] Triple Extension vs. the Catapult Method
  • [36:25] Dynamic strength vs. Absolute strength
  • [42:16] Weightlifting for CrossFit athletes (programming)
  • [46:16] How to improve your technique if you don’t have a coach
  • [50:19] Long term consequences of the conjugate method for powerlifting
  • [54:50] Training alone & staying motivated
  • [1:05:49] When should you wear a built?