What Is Brute: Endurance Training for the CrossFit Athlete

Episode Brute Strength


On this episode of the What is Brute series, I’m speaking with the legend that is Chris Hinshaw. There is a reason why CrossFit HQ selected Chris as their Subject Matter Expert in Aerobic Capacity. When it comes to endurance training, Chris is your guy. He has coached several of CrossFit’s most elite athletes including Mat Fraser, Rich Froning, Brooke Wells and Katrin Davidsdottir. In this episode we’ll be getting into Chris’ philosophy for endurance training, strategies for increasing your work capacity, and finally some of his most memorable moments as a Brute Coach. It’s time you embrace the suck, and own your training. Without further ado, I present to you, Chris Hinshaw. Enjoy the show.


02:20 – Developing confidence in athletes

03:45 – Know your why

05:17 – Endurance training philosophy

11:09 – Collaborative coaching

14:05 – Confidence as a coach

15:20 – Memorable moments


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