What is Brute, Matt Bruce: Brute Weightlifting

Episode Brute Strength


On this episode of the “What is Brute” series, I’ll be speaking with my partner in crime, Matt Bruce, 7x World Team Athlete for USA Olympic Weightlifting. We dive into how Brute Strength came about and what it was like working with our very first Brute athletes — along with some of the most memorable moments for the company so far.

And, since we couldn’t possibly have Matt on the show without discussing Brute weightlifting, we also get into some technical aspects of the sport, such as developing rituals during training, sets, reps and percentage work for different athletes. Enjoy the show.


02:40 – The importance of developing rituals

04:35 – Sets, reps, & percentage work for Olympic lifters & powerlifters

07:25 – Programming for CrossFit athletes

10:10 – Matt’s contribution to the annual Brute program

12:10 – Memorable Brute moments


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