What Is Brute: Movement Quality & Load Capacity

Episode Brute Strength


On this episode of the What is Brute Series, I’m speaking with Brute’s secret weapon, Dr. Sean Pastuch. In this episode we’ll be getting into one of the most over looked aspects of training, movement quality. One of the biggest set backs for a lot of athletes in any sport are injuries. It goes without saying, knowing how to assess your weaknesses and apply appropriate programming, will send you light years ahead of your competition. In today’s show we’ll be diving into injury prevention vs. injury reduction, program auditing, and improving structural balance and movement quality. Enjoy the show.


04:20 – Self-awareness as an athlete

08:10 – Injury prevention vs. injury reduction

09:20 – Coaching philosophy

15:15 – Programming auditting

16:33 – Never stop learning

17:30 – Vulnerability


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