Women in Weightlifting ft. Aimee Everett

Episode 89Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I’ll be interviewing Aimee Everett from Catalyst Athletics. Aimee’s story is one of the most admirable examples of true dedication and persistence. Coming from two heroin addict parents, it’s hard to imagine the inspiration and influence she would later have in countless lives in the world of weightlifting. In this episode we’ll be talking about women in weightlifting, motivation, loving your body, as well as her far from normal childhood and finding her path to Coach Mike Burgener. Enjoy the show.

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Topics of discussion:

[1:20] Being yourself

[3:20] Coloring your feelings; adult coloring book

[5:50] “Raised by wolves”

[16:20] Young athlete career

[24:30] Coaching from the soul

[33:40] Finding balance as a Coach

[42:10] W.A.G. nutrition