Youngest American to C&J 400lbs…ever

Episode 35Brute Strength


California native, Ian Wilson began weightlifting at the age of 12. Fast forward 4 years later and he became the youngest American to clean & jerk 400lbs. As the sport of weightlifting increases in popularity in the U.S., so are Ian’s PR’s. How many 22 year olds do you know that are Front Squatting 540lbs? Go find the video on Instagram @iwilson1894, watching this dude lift is inspiring.

Big shout out to everyone who sent in some questions for this podcast. In this episode we were able to get into Ian’s programming and how it’s evolved since he first started, his advice for beginners in the sport of weightlifting, role models like Butch Curry, Martin Pashov, Ivan Abadjiev and more. You’ll get to learn about his competition prep & training, why tapering can be so difficult, coming back from a shoulder injury, and even some tips for tall weightlifters. Enjoy the show.

Topics of discussion:

  • [5:30] Ian’s programming
  • [6:48] Advice for beginners in weightlifting
  • [7:50] Common lifting mistakes
  • [8:40] Biggest role models: Butch Curry, Martin Pashov, Ivan Abadjiev
  • [11:00] How surrounding yourself with people who are better than you can get you to PR faster
  • [15:19] Learn how Ian preps for competitions & his opinions on tapering
  • [17:55] Morning rituals for competition & why you need to stop over thinking!
  • [21:20] What are some of the best things to do for rotator cuff injuries & rehab?
  • [23:45] Trick lifts from Hysen Pulaku and Drew Canavero – you have to check these out:
  • [29:05] Some tips for tall weightlifters
  • [30:50] Leg strength + Back whip = Bigger lifts
  • [32:09] Why doesn’t Ian Wilson do Low Back Squats?