Burning Man: Our Story on Personal Growth and Enlightenment

Episode 175Matthew Cooper


When Adee and Michael Cazayoux team up for anything, you know the outcome is going to be epic. This week’s Brute Strength Podcast is no exception, as Adee Cazayoux is back to focus on personal development and relationship advice with her husband and our host, Michael Cazayoux. Together, they’ll share stories about their first experience at Burning Man, delve into expectations and reality, personal breakthroughs, and getting naked with 500+ people. Listen now to learn their biggest takeaways and how ...

SealFit, Leadership and Sacrifice ft. Floyd McLendon Jr.

Episode 177brutestrength


Floyd McLendon Jr. has had a huge impact on Michael Cazayoux’s life since they first met at SealFit, and this week he’s joining the Brute Podcast. Floyd has faced failure, disappointment, heartbreak and discrimination growing up, but ultimately he came out on top. Now, as a former Navy Seal, he’s imparting his leadership knowledge to those he comes in contact with. In this episode, the author of Hard Earned Lessons dissects what he calls the “Seven Principles for Preparing for ...

The Power of Intention and Visualization ft. Aaron Guyett

Episode 173Matthew Cooper


On this week’s podcast we welcome the battle rope guru, Aaron Guyett. Aaron is a man who wears many hats including fitness instructor, business owner and Marine Corps Staff Sergeant. In this episode we’ll be getting into leadership, mindset shifts and how to create a vision to get exactly what you want out of life. Tune in to learn more about how Aaron used neuroplasticity training to achieve 90 percent of his greatest accomplishments in life. Topics: 02:00 – Aaron’s ...

How to Beat Fraser ft. Patrick Vellner

Episode 172brutestrength


CrossFit is evolving, and so is three-time CrossFit Games athlete Patrick Vellner. This week, he joins the Brute Podcast to discuss his mind shift in the sport, why he may be one of the only athletes that can beat Mat Fraser and some of the new changes to the CrossFit community. Topics: 05:10 – Life before CrossFit 16:30 – Accidentally qualifying for the CrossFit Games 24:30 – Mind shift from 2017 to 2018 40:00 – New announcements in CrossFit 56:00 ...

6 Steps to Personal Development ft. Adee Cazayoux

Episode 171Matthew Cooper


Adee Cazayoux, founder of Working Against Gravity, makes her third appearance on the Brute Podcast this week to talk about personal development. In this episode, Adee talks about building courage, maintaining accountability and what it means to develop yourself from within. Listen along and get an honest look at self-improvement with her six questions to make you think, break out of the ordinary cycle and reach the next level in life. If you enjoyed this episode, catch up with all ...