Kara Saunders: 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games

Episode 015brutestrength


Kara Saunders, the 2nd Fittest on Earth in 2017, joins us right before she heads to Madison for the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games. Kara is a force to be reckoned with in the sport especially after returning from having her first child. The conversation extends past the competition floor including Kara’s plans for her future, body image, and even her love for country music. Links: Connect with Micah Connect with Kara Activ Eyewear ——————— Resources: Start your journey as an ...

Angelo DiCicco: From a Career-Ending Injury to the Competition Floor

Episode 014brutestrength


We’re joined by CrossFit Games athlete Angelo DiCicco. DiCicco is a Cookeville, TN native that started his career under the guidance of Rich Froning. He proceeded to dominate the teenage division at the Crossfit Games taking 2 first-place finishes and a third. Unfortunately, as he aged out, his reign came to a swift and painful end when he suffered a back injury that left him defeated. This ultimately led to DiCicco walking away from competitive CrossFit until Froning asked him ...

Why the Next Mat Fraser Will Be More Dominant

Episode 013brutestrength


Today Micah is joined by elite CrossFit Coach, Coach El, and Games Athlete Joey Tortora. If you have aspirations to make it to the Semi-Finals and beyond (Toy Story anyone?!), the guys break down what is needed to get there, including strength and gymnastics metrics. No pie in the sky talk, actual numbers! Then, the conversation takes a controversial turn when one of the guys makes a bold statement: “The next ‘Mat Fraser’ in the sport will be more dominant.” ...

LCQ, Drugs, And Near-Death CrossFit Games’ Experiences

Episode 012brutestrength


Description:  In today’s episode, Micah is joined by CrossFit Games athletes Dex Hopkins and Joey Totora. They discuss the Last Chance Qualifier, drugs in sport including Sha’Carri Richardson’s Olympic disqualification, and Olympic Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard. The cherry on top of this ice cream sundae was the guy’s stories about their (almost) near-death swim experiences at the Games.  1:10 Last Chance Qualifier  6:52 The Season Structure 17:02 A 595 Deadlift Triple and Back Flips  22:31 Should Sha’Carri Richardson go to the ...

Do it with a smile 😀, the person behind that big personality.

Episode 011brutestrength


Today we’re joined by Mr. Personality himself – James Sprague. James is a 2x CrossFit Games athlete. Did we mention he’s only 19? Not only is James a professional athlete, but he also owns his own business, Next Gen Programming, and runs a local gym. We discuss how he has navigated a changing sport, including how he dealt with depression in his adolescent years and how finding CrossFit changed him for the better. This episode is packed with some great ...