Consistently Inconsistent? Why We Get Stuck When Leveling Up

Episode 028brutestrength

Ever wondered why you aren’t consistent? Or why you struggle to execute on new things? Let me ask you a question. Are the things that occupy your attention actually serving you?  Today we discuss why your “attention knots” are holding you back from achieving the success you desire and why because of these “knots” you end up self-sabotaging yourself without even knowing it. Links: Connect with Micah ——————— Resources: Start your journey as an elite-level CrossFit athlete today. Our 1-to-1 ...

How Much Harder Can the Sport of Crossfit Get w/ Coach El

Episode 027brutestrength


Coach El joins the podcast again to discuss just how much harder the sport of CrossFit can get. How heavy can the weights become? How hard can the skills get? How high can the volume be?  Links: Connect with Micah Connect with El Youtube Clip with James Fitzgerald  9:40 How depression helped James find himself and CrossFit 15:45 What should have been a career-ending injury  19:37 “Going into the season I wasn’t going to compete” 37:50 The Newest Training Camp ...

Brian Friend: Ricky Garard’s Return, Mat Fraser vs. Tia Toomey

Episode 026brutestrength


Description:  Brian Friend is a CrossFit coach, data analyst, broadcast coordinator, writer, content creator, and commentator. Recently Brian has served as a co-host of the Sevan Podcast interviewing top CrossFit athletes and coaches. Today we discuss Ricky Garard’s come back to the competitive landscape, who is the GOAT – Fraser or Toomey, and much more. Links:  Connect with Micah Connect with Brian Youtube Clip with James Fitzgerald  ——————— Resources: Start your journey as an elite-level CrossFit athlete today. Our 1-to-1 ...

Coach Sam Smith: Competitive Sabotage

Episode 025brutestrength


Sam Smith is currently the Head Coach at Big Dawgs, under the OPEX umbrella, which coaches competitive CrossFit athletes.   Sam was an All-American in Golf at USC. After his stint at USC, he competed competitively in CrossFit which led him to coaching athletes in the sport of CrossFit.  We discuss what it takes to be an elite athlete in the sport, competitive sabotage and why it’s holding you back, and why being world-class in sport requires total obsession, and much ...

Matt Poulin: Doing Hard Things with a Purpose

Episode 024brutestrength


Today Micah interviews Matt Poulin. Matt is new to the Brute team and is looking to improve upon his 13th place finish at the West Coast Classic this past year. After coming off of his “White Goodman” year, as he calls it, Matt faced adversity as he says the toughest challenge was not physical, but mental. We discuss the purpose of doing hard things,  managing priorities in work, fitness, and marriage, and much more! Links: Connect with Micah Connect with ...