The Right Way To Set Goals So You Can Crush Them in 2018 with Adee Cazayoux

Episode 132


This show is a special episode that I do each month with my wife Adee Cazayoux, owner of Working Against Gravity. Adee and her company have worked with over 15,000 people — helping them transform their lives by dialing in on their nutrition. These special episodes are always favorites and some of the most popular I’ve done. Today we’re talking about being consistent with your diet, accuracy, goal setting, nutrient timing and more. Enjoy the show! Brute Hotline: (801) 449-0503 ...

Expand Your Workout Repertoire With Functional Bodybuilding with Marcus Filly

Episode 131


Before we get started, I wanted to make sure you know about the Secret Strength Weapon. This document has short exercises and workouts that you can add to help you get stronger, injury-proof yourself and create structural balance. You’ll find info about tempo work, unilateral exercises and other accessory movements that you’re probably not seeing happen at your gym. If you’re looking for ways to add fun and complexity to your workouts, or ways to break through strength plateaus, you ...

How To Maximize Your Training Outcome By Focusing On The Process with Dave Durante

Episode 130


My guest today is Dave Durante, former elite level gymnast and multiple time World Team member, U.S. Olympic alternate, and assistant coach in 2009 for the Stanford team that won the NCAA Championship. Dave is currently the owner of Power Monkey Fitness, which specializes in teaching gymnastics around the world. We’re talking about the principles and experiences that have brought him success as an athlete and a coach and fundamentals of gymnastics. Dave is a wealth of knowledge — I ...

Believe It’s Possible And Make It Happen — Getting To The Games With George Sanchez

Episode 129


I'm joined this week by Brute athlete George Sanchez. He's one of the most inspiring people I know because he didn't find immediate or easy success as an athlete. He had a vision of making it to the games and he made it happen.

Crushing Your Goals, Maintaining Your Integrity and Overcoming Your Breakdowns with Bruce Pitcher

Episode 128


This week is round two with my friend Bruce Pitcher. Bruce was a participant in ABC's Extreme Weight Loss about five years ago and he lost over 200 pounds in one year.