Finding AND Keeping “The One” ft. Annie Lalla

Episode 211Matthew Cooper


If there’s a four-letter word Annie Lalla gets, it’s L-O-V-E. When it comes to relationship coaching, there’s no one more perfect for the job of developing emotional bodybuilders than Annie Lalla. Annie helps individuals attract, create and foster connections and on this episode of the Brute Podcast, she’s here to help do the same for you. Listen as she shares her insight on how to find your true love, tips for getting through conflict resolution and why your exes may ...

How To “Do” Personal Development ft. Sean Pastuch

Episode 210brutestrength


This week on the brute strength podcast we’re joined by Dr. Sean Pastuch. If there is anyone who is not afraid to share his opinion, its Dr. Pastuch. Sean is the owner of the world renowned gym ActiveLifeRX know for smart programing, and getting people to continue to live the life they want pain free. In this week’s episode Mike and Sean will be talking about some of the recent changes in the CrossFit community. First CrossFit did away with ...

Finding Alignment: Mind, Body, Movement ft. Aaron Alexander

Episode 209brutestrength


How you move through a room is how you move through life. Every moment is an opportunity to cultivate your mind, body, and movement. Joining the podcast this week we have movement specialist and host of the Align Podcast, Aaron Alexander. In this week’s episode Aaron shares some simple practices that can help you control your thoughts, emotions, and change your perception of the world you live in, including the profound effects of gratitude and what it means to create ...

Michele Letendre: World Class Athlete and Coach

Episode 208brutestrength


In a recent Instagram post, Michele Letendre admits to falling into the sport of CrossFit a bit randomly nearly 10 years ago. It’s safe to say she found her calling. The CrossFit athlete turned founder of Deka Comp joins this week’s Brute Podcast to talk about the shift from athlete to coach as she trains some of the top athletes in the sport, including Patrick Vellner. Listen as she shares her insight on what it means to be a leader ...

The Wild Card Spot ft. Hunter McIntyre

Episode 207brutestrength


This week’s Brute Podcast is wild—and it has everything to do with guest Hunter McIntyre. Hunter is back on the Brute Podcast in advance of this year’s 2019 CrossFit Games to express his excitement—and gratitude—for making it into this year’s Games with the wild card draw. (Rumor has it that if he doesn’t place in the top 15, he’ll be rocking a new belly button piercing by the end of the year.) Listen to hear more about how he went ...