Space Travel, Brains and Muscle ft. Cody Burkhart

Episode 163brutestrength


NASA engineer Cody Burkhart joins the Brute Podcast this week. A competitor at the 2012 CrossFit Games Regionals, Cody has continued influencing the fitness world by developing exercise systems for astronauts preparing to travel to space. In this episode, Cody addresses recovery, mindset, breath work and the path to mastery, so be sure to listen for the best takeaway tips and book recommendations. Topics: 3:25 – Working at NASA 14:20 – Oxygen and breath work 32:00 – Martial Arts 46:20 ...

Sex, Connection and Desire ft. Adee Cazayoux

Episode 162brutestrength


This week, founder of Working Against Gravity (and Michael’s wife), Adee Cazayoux, is back again to discuss relationship psychology. After such a positive response to Episode 148: 9 Ways To Improve Your Relationship, Adee and Michael are continuing their conversation and sharing their tips for building a better relationship with loved ones. In this episode, Adee and Michael discuss four myths about sex, how to spice up your dates and improve your sex life, and how time apart can bring ...

Triphasic Training with Elite Coach Cal Dietz

Episode 161brutestrength


Cal Dietz, Director of Strength and Conditioning for the University of Minnesota, is a world-renowned strength coach who’s made immeasurable contributions to the fitness industry for athletes and coaches alike. He joined the Brute Podcast to discuss his training manual, Triphasic Training: A Systematic Approach to Elite Speed and Explosive Strength Performance. Get ready for a series of knowledge bombs to improve your training game, because, in this episode, Dietz inspires us with information about acceleration and deceleration training and ...

Coaching Coaches: The Unofficial Guide to Mastery

Episode 160brutestrength


James FitzGerald is a CrossFit OG. In 2007, James won the first ever CrossFit Games championship as an individual. Since then, he founded OPEX fitness and his impact in the fitness community has continued to grow. Aside from being an incredible athlete, James has entered the realm of coaching to become a Master Certified Coach (MCC). In this episode, James reveals some of his inspirations and mentors as a coach, mastering the art of program design, bodybuilding and CrossFit. Topics: ...

The Secret To Speed Development ft. Ryan Flaherty

Episode 159brutestrength


Ryan Flaherty works on Nike’s training team with some of the biggest names in sports, including Serena Williams, Russell Wilson and Kobe Bryant. It’s no shock that he is one of the most sought after combine coaches in the world. In this episode, Flaherty discusses his role working with the HeadSpace app to teach NFL athletes about focus and achieving a better mindset on and off the field. He also gets into why he uses concentric training when developing speed, ...