Creating An Unforgettable Experience ft. Baya Voce

Episode 236brutestrength


Welcome back to another episode of the Brute Strength Podcast. This week’s guest is in a league of her own. Baya Voce was on the 2009 cast of Real World Brooklyn and she even has her own TedTalk on ‘the simple cure for loneliness’ which got over four million views. In this episode, Baya shares her secrets on designing experiences, what it means to think in “moments”, and how to make events more memorable. Amidst the COVID pandemic, more than ...

Creating a 5-Star Experience ft. Eric Allen & Brendan Rice

Episode 235brutestrength


This one is for all you gym owners, business owners, and entrepreneurs out there. This week we have Wodify’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Eric Allen and Brendan Rice joining the show. These guys have probably talked to more gym owners than anyone else on the planet. They’ve gone from being laughed out of rooms, to changing the entire CrossFit industry. Whether it comes to operating a successful gym, or even building a kick-ass working culture, ...

The Science of Body Metamorphosis ft. James Krieger

Episode 234brutestrength


James Krieger is a man of many hats; Scientist, Researcher, Coach, and Entrepreneur. James owns Weightology, an online platform designed to help educate you on the best scientific ways to build muscle and lose fat. In today’s episode James shares his story on how he went from Computer Science to Exercise Science, achieving full body metamorphosis, diet wars, and the idea of “thinking about what you’re thinking”. This episode is full of tips that will help you find adherence to ...

Post-Traumatic Growth ft. Krista Scott Dixon

Episode 233brutestrength


Krista Scott Dixon is a coach, nutrition expert, and three time author. She also just so happens to be the Director of Curriculum for Precision Nutrition’s coaching programs. Krista joins the podcast this week not only to share her knowledge on nutrition science, and the art of coaching, but she also dives much deeper into topics such as building self-esteem, coping with tough experiences, and finding meaning in suffering. In this episode we will be touching upon some new trends ...

Girls Gone Strong ft. Molly Galbraith

Episode 232brutestrength


Joining the Brute Podcast this week is coach, speaker, entrepreneur, gym owner and all-around badass in the fitness community, Molly Galbraith Molly and her team at Girls Gone Strong have created world-class resources to help empower women across the globe through discovering their unique abilities and strengths in order to see what their bodies and truly capable of and helping them reach their goals without spending their lives to the gym. Today’s episode is dedicated to the body positive movement ...