How To Pick Your Training Programs ft. Sean Pastuch

Episode 167Matthew Cooper


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I’m speaking with Sean Pastuch from ActiveLifeRX. In this episode we discuss how to choose a program that best suits your needs. We’ll be getting into program goals, different styles of programs, and the dynamic between staying healthy and competing at a high level. If fitness is your passion, or your job, then this is an episode you need to listen to. When it comes to competition there is a lot to be ...

Muscle and Strength Pyramids ft. Dr Eric Helms

Episode 166Matthew Cooper


Eric Helms, Ph.D., author of The Muscle and Strength Pyramid, joins Michael Cazayoux on the Brute podcast to discuss exercise and nutrition science. Whether you’re eating for competition, physique or longevity, Helms’ certified advice can help you reach your goals. Helms also covers popular nutrition topics such as flexible dieting, keto and high-carb diets. Enjoy the show! Topics: 24:10 – The Muscle and Strength Pyramid 42:50 – What your clients want vs. what they need 47:30 – Nutrition Pyramid 58:20 ...

How To Go From Trainer To Coach with Mike Bledsoe

Episode 165Matthew Cooper


CEO of the Shrugged Collective, Mike Bledsoe, is on the Brute Podcast this week to talk about his evolution in the fitness industry. He plunges into the difference between a coach and a trainer, what it takes to create better leaders and coaches, and how to start seeing better results with your clients. Be sure to check out his Strong Coach Podcast series for more tips on how to build trust and become a better coach! Topics: 03:20 – Trainer ...

Brain Training with Trevor Moawad

Episode 164brutestrength


Trevor Moawad, a top sports psychologist, joins the Brute Podcast this week to talk about his work with Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson. The thought leader and mental conditioning coach was also known as the “brain trainer” for the University of Alabama football team and discusses how to eliminate negativity and create a more neutral thought process. Topics: 06:50 – College football 13:00 – Neutral thinking 40:00 – Challenge vs. Threat 1:02:40 – Embracing uncertainty Links: I Am Not Your ...

Space Travel, Brains and Muscle ft. Cody Burkhart

Episode 163brutestrength


NASA engineer Cody Burkhart joins the Brute Podcast this week. A competitor at the 2012 CrossFit Games Regionals, Cody has continued influencing the fitness world by developing exercise systems for astronauts preparing to travel to space. In this episode, Cody addresses recovery, mindset, breath work and the path to mastery, so be sure to listen for the best takeaway tips and book recommendations. Topics: 3:25 – Working at NASA 14:20 – Oxygen and breath work 32:00 – Martial Arts 46:20 ...