Getting Outside The Box ft. Pat & Taz Barber

Episode 194brutestrength


Jay-Z and Beyoncé might have to give up the throne for this week’s Brute Podcast guests. The dream team, Pat and Taz Barber, join Michael Cazayoux this week to bring you a raw look into their experiences as athletes in the CrossFit community and how life has changed since stepping away from competitive sports to focus on raising a family. They’ll also take the discussion “Outside The Box” to present their newest partnership with Brute Strength that offers an affordable ...

The Carnivore Diet and Extreme Mental Clarity

Episode 193brutestrength


Mic drop. Dr. Anthony Gustin is back on the Brute Strength Podcast for another round of knowledge bombs on mindful eating, carb tolerance and the importance of solitude. If you missed round one with the creator of Perfect Keto, visit Episode 156 of the Brute Strength Podcast here. If you’re ready to dive straight into this episode, get ready for Dr. Gustin to go full-on “MythBusters” on all things surrounding the carnivore diet and why it works, plus stay tuned ...

Housewife to Billionaire ft. Lisa Bilyeu

Episode 192brutestrength


Imagine going from housewife to co-founder of a billion dollar company. Yeah, that was a “b” in front of that “-illion.” That’s what happened to this week’s Brute Strength Podcast guest, Lisa Bilyeu of Quest Nutrition and President of Impact Theory. In this episode, Lisa shares some of the most significant tests and milestones she’s faced throughout her career as well as the journey that led to the early days of Quest Nutrition. She also provides an in-depth take on ...

Noah Ohlsen on Mindset and Perspective

Episode 191brutestrength


Noah Ohlsen is a five-time CrossFit Games athlete turned two-time Brute Strength podcast guest (but you may not see the latter in his Instagram bio). Once known for his perfect hair and boyish smile, Noah has made a name for himself in the CrossFit community, proving time and time again what it means to come back from setbacks in the sport. Even with a few unlucky moments in his CrossFit Games career, he’s managed to place within the Top 10 ...

How to Create Safe, Sexy, Successful Romantic Relationships

Episode 190brutestrength


Whether you’re looking to improve your current love life or expand your non-existent one — you’ll want to hear what the love guru, Jayson Gaddis from The Relationship School, has to say. On this week’s episode, Jayson’s covering topics of attracting an ideal partner, the taboo of polyamory vs monogamy in the modern world, the many nuances that we find in modern love like marriage and divorce, and how to understand when to walk away from a relationship. Topics: 09:23 ...