The Awakening of Functional Body Building ft. Marcus Filly

Episode 198brutestrength


Welcome to the awakening of functional bodybuilding. Marcus Filly, the founder of Revival Strength, joins the Brute Podcast for a second time to take us to ground zero of functional bodybuilding. Marcus began his health and wellness journey while attending med school but soon realized, through all the long readings and lectures, that his intended path in the field was meant for something more. So he made the decision to say goodbye to med school and find a more fulfilling ...

Going Keto w/ Adee Cazayoux

Episode 197brutestrength


The dream team is back, and this time, the Cazayouxs went keto. Adee Cazayoux, CEO of Working Against Gravity, joins her husband and Brute Podcast host, Michael Cazayoux, on this week’s episode to give us a breakdown of their experience on the Ketogenic Diet. Together they’re sharing a firsthand look at their keto journey in an effort to help those who are back and forth about starting the low-carb diet to make a decision if the transition is right for ...

Skills vs. Strength In Gymnastics ft. Nick Sorrel

Episode 196brutestrength


Just like the progression of any relationship, your ability to advance in gymnastics relies on fundamentals—as in, to show off your expert form, you first need to build a solid foundation. In true doctor fashion, Head of Brute Gymnastics Dr. Nick Sorrel joins this week’s Brute podcast to dissect the more advanced movements of the sport to help set you up for success. He also jumps into the differences between strength and skill to discuss how each plays a role ...

The Fundamentals of High-Performance Nutrition

Episode 195brutestrength


Ever wonder how a nutrition coach approaches their own diet choices? This week’s Brute Strength podcast is your chance to find out, as Precision Nutrition coach Brian St. Pierre joins Michael Cazayoux to discuss his current diet regimen. Brian is used to working with high-performance athletes, but he’s joining the podcast to share his thoughts on how us “normal” folks can keep nutrition simple, stay consistent, create habits for success and get the most out of doing the least amount ...

Getting Outside The Box ft. Pat & Taz Barber

Episode 194brutestrength


Jay-Z and Beyoncé might have to give up the throne for this week’s Brute Podcast guests. The dream team, Pat and Taz Barber, join Michael Cazayoux this week to bring you a raw look into their experiences as athletes in the CrossFit community and how life has changed since stepping away from competitive sports to focus on raising a family. They’ll also take the discussion “Outside The Box” to present their newest partnership with Brute Strength that offers an affordable ...