StrongFit Principles of Movement

Episode 214brutestrength


Julien Pineau’s brainchild, StrongFit, originally started as a gym with a focus on strongman training. Little did he know it would evolve into a full-on education program dedicated to teaching the fundamental patterns of human movement. So he’s returning to the #BrutePodcast this week to share some of the core principles of movement and performance that make StrongFit what it is. Listen along to understand his ideas of “staying in flow,” intensity vs. volume training, and the difference between reward ...

Hunter VS. Vegan ft. Mansal Denton

Episode 213brutestrength


Mansal Denton, founder of Nootropedia, is on a mission to mend the disconnected and broken food system through hunting and transparency. The badass and ethical hunter joins this week’s Brute Podcast to explain exactly how he’ll do so. During the podcast, Mansal revisits everything from his first hunt to the ayahuasca experience that changed his outlook on the world’s current food supply. He also dives into the world of nootropics and shares his tips to boost productivity. Topics: 04:25 – ...

World Class Nutrition Coaching ft. Adee Cazayoux

Episode 212brutestrength


It’s round five as our favorite duo reconnects this week on the Brute Podcast platform. Adee Cazayoux, CEO of the online one-on-one nutrition coaching program Working Against Gravity, joins Brute Podcast host and her husband, Michael Cazayoux, to discuss the new WAG Certification Course. Finally, you can become a certified expert in nutrition science by learning the same macro-focused methodology WAG has used to transform the lives of thousands of clients. If you’re at all interested in helping others reach ...

Finding AND Keeping “The One” ft. Annie Lalla

Episode 211brutestrength


If there’s a four-letter word Annie Lalla gets, it’s L-O-V-E. When it comes to relationship coaching, there’s no one more perfect for the job of developing emotional bodybuilders than Annie Lalla. Annie helps individuals attract, create and foster connections and on this episode of the Brute Podcast, she’s here to help do the same for you. Listen as she shares her insight on how to find your true love, tips for getting through conflict resolution and why your exes may ...

How To “Do” Personal Development ft. Sean Pastuch

Episode 210brutestrength


This week on the brute strength podcast we’re joined by Dr. Sean Pastuch. If there is anyone who is not afraid to share his opinion, its Dr. Pastuch. Sean is the owner of the world renowned gym ActiveLifeRX know for smart programing, and getting people to continue to live the life they want pain free. In this week’s episode Mike and Sean will be talking about some of the recent changes in the CrossFit community. First CrossFit did away with ...