The Simplest & Most Effective Life Hack You’re Not Using ft. Mark England

Episode 181brutestrength


On our 116th episode, Procabulary’s Mark England made us think about the true power of our words and vocabulary. Mark makes his second appearance on the Brute Podcast this week to peel back the layers of the power of language and the physiology of breath. Topics: 05:40 – Stories we tell ourselves 22:50 – Taking action against goals 26:10 – The power of because Links: Procabulary Instagram Books: The Power of Persuasion: How We’re Bought and Sold – Robert V. ...

The Bucket List Blueprint: Your Guide to Long-Term Goal Setting & Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Episode 180brutestrength


Rick Alexander wants you to burn your couch, and he even wrote a book about it. The author, Lionheart Radio host, and Navy Special Ops Combat Medic joins this week’s Brute Strength Podcast. In this episode, Rick gets into his “Bucket List Blueprint” for long-term goal setting and breaking out of your comfort zone. Topics: 03:00 – “Burn Your Couch” 14:45 – Military time 22:13 – Long-term contentment 36:00 – Ultramarathons 42:00 – Hallucinations 49:13 – Bucket List Blueprint Books: ...

Mentorship, Gut Health and The Travel Diet ft. John Berardi

Episode 179brutestrength


Crowd favorite John Berardi of Precision Nutrition is returning to the Brute Podcast for round two this week. In the first half of the podcast, Michael and John discuss the wisdom, mentorship and goal-setting rituals that John credits with making him a better husband, father and business leader. In the second half, we’re talking body. John and Michael will dive into gut health, tips for dieting while traveling, nutrition recommendations for kids and how he educates his family on overall ...

Hustle in Silence ft. Hannah Eden

Episode 178brutestrength


Hannah Eden went from a life of drugs and partying to an online fitness inspiration, and this week, she joins Michael on the Brute Strength Podcast. In this episode, Hannah recounts her personal fitness transformation, what it means to take risks and follow your passions, and how she’s come full circle to help others do the same. Topics: 11:30 – Outside-in vs. inside-out 17:40 – Making a transformation 31:45 – Working with your significant other 38:00 – Respond, don’t react ...

Relationship Development ft. The Couples Institute

Episode 177brutestrength


You don’t have to be in a relationship to benefit from this week’s Brute Podcast. Special guests Pete Pearson and Ellyn Bader of The Couples Institute join Michael Cazayoux to discuss the importance of communication, which, as an acquired skill in human interaction, everyone can benefit from. In this episode, relationship professionals Pearson and Bader will provide tips on creating a vision for your relationship, creating a team dynamic, rewiring your approach to arguments, and rituals you can implement for ...