ReWild Yourself with Daniel Vitalis

Episode 222brutestrength


Things are about to get wild in this week’s podcast. Joining the show we have the host of the ReWild Yourself Podcast, Daniel Vitalis. Daniel is a modern day hunter gatherer, writer, and lifestyle pioneer who’s interested in helping people reconnect with wildness both inside and outside of themselves. This week’s episode is all about exploring strategies that our ancient human bodies and minds need to thrive in a modern world by awakening our instincts and freeing ourselves from the ...

The Keto Answers” ft. Dr. Anthony Gustin

Episode 221brutestrength


The walking encyclopedia for all things Keto is back, this time he’s got his own book! Please welcome Dr. Anthony Gustin for the third time on the Brute Podcast. In this episode, Anthony goes over what he calls “The Four Pillars of Health”. Both Michael and Anthony will be diving into sleep, movement, stress management, and you guessed it, the ketogenic diet. Each episode with Anthony gets better and better. If you enjoy this episode, definitely check out   Anthony’s previous ...

Stronger By Science ft. Greg Nuckols

Episode 220brutestrength


At 27 years old, Greg Nuckols made waves as a strength and conditioning coach. Now, the founder of Stronger by Science is using his online platform to help lifters and coaches train smarter. This week on the Brute Podcast, Greg joins Michael to discuss the difference between practicing and learning, how to think scientifically in training, and in life, as well as what to do when you start to lose motivation. Topics: 06:40 – Tricking athletes into PRs 13:14 – ...

The Ready State ft. Kelly Starrett

Episode 219brutestrength


When it comes to relieving pain, preventing injury, and improving physical performance, Kelly Starrett is your guy. Kelly joins the Brute podcast for the second time to share his ideas on family values, and movement principles. In this episode Kelly share’s his ideology behind intentional parenting, raising a family, and being the absolute best for your tribe. The conversation later switches to the topic of pain. What does it mean to be injured vs experiencing pain, how to get the ...

High-Performance Coaching

Episode 218brutestrength


Stretching is bullshit. At least, according to renowned strength and conditioning coach Dean Somerset, it is. You might recognize his name from his many contributions to popular fitness platforms including Men’s Health and, but today, he’s adding to the list with a guest appearance on this week’s Brute Podcast. In this episode, Dean admits that from the start, becoming a strength and conditioning coach was rough. Listen as he dives into his early career, shares advice for building habits, ...