High-Performance Coaching

Episode 218brutestrength


Stretching is bullshit. At least, according to renowned strength and conditioning coach Dean Somerset, it is. You might recognize his name from his many contributions to popular fitness platforms including Men’s Health and Bodybuilding.com, but today, he’s adding to the list with a guest appearance on this week’s Brute Podcast. In this episode, Dean admits that from the start, becoming a strength and conditioning coach was rough. Listen as he dives into his early career, shares advice for building habits, ...

Focus, Intent, and Leadership Ft. Justin Su’a

Episode 217brutestrength


A leader is someone who sets examples, provides a vision, inspires others and establishes an effective communication protocol. Whether you’re applying that leadership to coaching professional athletes, running a business or even parenting, Justin Su’a is who you want to look to for the best advice. Justin is the performance psychologist for the Tampa Bay Rays and he’s coming back to the Brute Podcast this week to dive into the psychology of parenthood and the benefits of watering down your ...

Six More Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Episode 216brutestrength


Adee Cazayoux is back on this week’s Brute Podcast to join Michael in discussing six new tips on how you can improve your relationship. Listen as they share a unique dialogue technique that can be used for conflict resolution and see why they say you should be training your partner like a dog. If you haven’t caught your favorite power couple on their new podcast, the WAG Podcast, be sure to give it a listen for weekly updates from the ...

The Warrior, the Athlete & the Leader

Episode 215brutestrength


Mark Divine is a retired Navy SEAL commander and New York Times best-selling author. He is also the founder of SEALFIT, an integrated functional fitness and mental toughness training program, and Unbeatable Mind, an intensive online training program for gaining mental clarity, increased focus, physical fitness, and increased awareness. He will be joining the Brute Podcast for a second time to talk about self-evolution, including the principles of yin & yang in our daily lives. In this episode, Mark hones ...

StrongFit Principles of Movement

Episode 214brutestrength


Julien Pineau’s brainchild, StrongFit, originally started as a gym with a focus on strongman training. Little did he know it would evolve into a full-on education program dedicated to teaching the fundamental patterns of human movement. So he’s returning to the #BrutePodcast this week to share some of the core principles of movement and performance that make StrongFit what it is. Listen along to understand his ideas of “staying in flow,” intensity vs. volume training, and the difference between reward ...