Matt Poulin: Doing Hard Things with a Purpose

Episode 024brutestrength


Today Micah interviews Matt Poulin. Matt is new to the Brute team and is looking to improve upon his 13th place finish at the West Coast Classic this past year. After coming off of his “White Goodman” year, as he calls it, Matt faced adversity as he says the toughest challenge was not physical, but mental. We discuss the purpose of doing hard things,  managing priorities in work, fitness, and marriage, and much more! Links: Connect with Micah Connect with ...

Mindset & Beliefs: Why the Story You Believe is Holding You Back

Episode 023brutestrength


Description: Today Micah discusses how the story you believe about yourself tends to be the story you end up living out and most likely the thing holding you back.    Links: Connect with Micah ——————— Resources: Start your journey as an elite-level CrossFit athlete today. Our 1-to-1 coaching staff would love to hop on a free consultation with you to find out how we can help. Click here to get started. Reviews:  Enjoy the show? Take a second to leave ...

Fee Saghafi – The Newest Brute Athlete

Episode 022brutestrength


Description:  Today we’re joined by our newest Brute Athlete – Fee Saghafi. Fee placed 7th at arguably the toughest Semi-Final (MACC) in 2021 and is now looking to make big moves in 2022. Micah and Fee discuss their favorite coffee, her journey to finding the sport, and why she made the switch to Brute after training with Scott Panchik for the last several years. Links: Connect with Micah Connect with Fee ——————— Resources: Start your journey as an elite-level CrossFit ...

How to Prepare for the 2022 CrossFit Season

Episode 021brutestrength


Today may be our most valuable episode yet especially if you’re a CrossFitter trying to improve for this upcoming season. Micah is joined by elite CrossFit coaches – El and Matt. These two together have guided dozens of athletes to the CrossFit games. The coaches break down quarterfinal performances to help you interpret your own scores and what to do about them. If you’ve ever asked yourself: How strong do I need to be? How aerobic do I need to ...

Emma Cary – “I Want This the Most”

Episode 020brutestrength


Description:  Emma Cary is not your average 17 year old. In fact, there is nothing average about Emma.  In her first year in the elite division, she placed 16th at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games. Emma’s commitment to excellence and choosing to preserve through any challenge thrown her way is something we could all learn from whether an aspiring athlete or not. Links: Connect with Micah Connect with Emma Resources: Start your journey as an elite-level CrossFit athlete today. Our ...