A better body for everybody.

This program is for gym rats who want to look like gym rats. You workout too damn hard to not be seeing the results you’re after. The Brute Body Program will help you sculpt a body that turns you on — lifting heavier stuff is a nice side effect.


The program that puts coaching in your pocket.

Never again will you have to go to the gym without a game plan. With Brute Body, you’ll look better, run faster and lift heavier, all thanks to a finely tuned, mobile-friendly program that walks you through every step of your workout — no matter your fitness level.

Brute Body Overview: What is it?

  • Training Program

    Training program designed by world-class coaches and delivered via app

  • App

    App ensures anytime access to pre-planned workouts, best experienced at your local box

  • Nutrition Guides

    5 nutrition guides to choose from based on your goals and lifestyle*

  • Additional Cycles

    For the can’t stop, won’t stop athlete who wants to continue after the first 90 day cycle, Brute Body offers three additional cycles

  • Support Group

    Trainees join a Brute Body support team and Facebook group to bond, motivate and stay connected*

*Nutrition guides and Facebook Group are perks for Pro members.

The Next Cycle of Brute Body starts in:


It takes a squad.

Just like pro football players have multiple coaches, so should every athlete. With this group of experts, you’ll be getting the best programming for every aspect of fitness.

Brute voices.

Here’s what our athletes have to say about the program. Though, we like to think their results speak for themselves.



“Went from 250 down to 224.5 while increasing my strength and endurance using Brute Body. I feel stronger, lighter and more mobile than ever before; but most importantly, I feel healthier.”


McCall Scott

“Committing to Brute Body was exactly what I needed to make a change. I’m an affiliate owner, coach, wife & mom of 3. More than any other program I’ve completed, Brute Body allowed me to identify & work on some MAJOR holes in my strength, gymnastics & endurance. It’s NOT an easy program, but staying committed & focused was – I looked forward to my training every day.”

Choose your program. step to strong & sexy.



Per Month
  • Brute Body Programming

    Built by experts in every realm of fitness: gymnastics, endurance, strength, and functional fitness. This will be 5-6 days of training per week and will take you around 90 minutes a day give or take 15 minutes (shorter if you’re on the lite program).

  • Percentage Based Weightlifting

    Percentage based weightlifting and strength building designed by Matt Bruce, a 7x World Team weightlifter for the USA.

  • Metcons and EMOMs

    Metcons and EMOMs are included 6 days per week (5 for lite).

  • Structured Warm-Ups

    We believe in injury prevention, because limpin’ ain’t easy.

  • Fitness Portal via App

    Inside our app you’ll have anytime access to your workouts, weeks in advance. You’ll also be able to track your performance, progress and goals.

  • Exclusive Explainer Videos

    Every single move for every single workout includes an explainer video. So, if you aren’t sure on how to do a movement, you’re covered (without having to rely on sketchy YouTube videos).

  • Program Options

    You’ll have access to one total option of programming, which you’ll be able to select at checkout.

  • Brute Body Standard Solo

    This is the original version of the program, as outlined above. It’s best experienced in your favorite Box or functional fitness space and takes around 90 minutes per day, with 5-6 days of training per week.

  • Brute Body Lite Solo

    Literally the Lite version of Standard – same awesome set-up on a more time-friendly schedule. While Standard workouts have you in the gym for around 90 min per sesh, Lite clocks around 30-60 min.

  • Commercial Gym Option Solo

    Our original Brute Body programming is best experienced in your local Box. This option is perfect for those who train at any typical 24-hour style gym, as it takes into account the kind of equipment you’ll usually find there. Same amazing program, same results, for the gym you use. (Note: this is an option for the standard or lite version of the program).

  • Add-ons

    *You’ll be able to select add-ons during the registration process.

  • One-on-One Nutrition CoachingAdd $135/month

    Brute’s now offering world class nutrition coaching powered by Working Against Gravity. Because, the truth is, without getting your shit together in the kitchen, your work in the gym could be wasted. With this add-on, you’ll have weekly one-on-one check-ins with your Brute nutrition coach, who will be able to help you perfectly align your nutrition with your training — giving you the ultimate advantage, accountability and road to success.


Brute Body FAQ