If you're an athlete, weekend warrior or just someone who wants to be in the best shape of their life, you probably spend a lot of time frustrated with your lack of improvement, or getting lost in the minutia of programming and diet.

Maybe you've been doing metcons and oly lifting for the past six years and have your sights set on a major competition but you know something has to change before you can qualify. You could ask your box's Head Coach but they're too busy and frankly, you need more help than they're probably willing to give.

Or maybe you're just someone who wants to look great at the beach. You joined a gym and throw weights around a few times a week with good results. But in the last few years, your gains have plateaued. You're not getting any stronger, despite the work you put in.

The frustration might be you second-guessing if you're good enough, or if you're just getting too old to make gains. You're wasting time and losing confidence in your approach as your results fall short of your expectations.

You need to find someone qualified to offload your programming responsibility onto...

Listen, achieving the peak of fitness is a difficult task. So difficult, in fact, that all of the top athletes across all specializations have coaches. The coach does more than help with programming and form… the coach actually removes the frustration in programming, allowing the athlete to show up and perform.

Maybe you’ve heard the saying:

“Frank Sinatra
didn’t move

Frank did two things:

He rehearsed and he performed.

Well, he drank too, but that’s not the point! Frank knew that when he showed up for a gig, the piano would be there. The lighting would be on. All he had to do was perform.

It was that level of support that allowed Frank to be the best.

Olympic lifters like Mattie Rogers and CJ Cummings are the same way. Their job is to follow their programming from their coach, eat enough, and get some sleep. There are no prescriptions for hours of personal research on Bodybuilding.com or Reddit. Just do the work, then get on with your life.

Think about yourself...

What would your fitness look like if you just had to go to the gym and perform? If you knew that you had the best, the most inclusive programming from the top coaches in the world?

Here's what would happen

You would spend ZERO time worrying on your drive to the box what the hell you are going to do.
You would waste ZERO time at the gym because you had a clear workout programmed with rest times clearly defined.
You would know that the only thing holding you back from the level of fitness you demanded was your own ability to push yourself

Talk about freedom and clarity!

In order to have that clarity… to have that freedom to get results and get on with the rest of your life, you need expert coaches who have seen it all. Coaches that have had injuries themselves and learned how to avoid them. Coaches who have won the major fitness competitions. Coaches who have helped hundreds or thousands of athletes and can help you with your unique problems.

That's why we created Brute Body

Brute Body is a 90-day cyclical program for athletes who want to stop worrying about their programming and just get the results. And for the can't stop, won’t stop athlete who wants to continue after 90 days, Brute Body offers three additional cycles.

Our next Brute Body class will start April 9th. You can enroll March 26th, Midnight PST. This group will consist of 250-350 athletes across the globe who are committing to expert-crafted programming.

This Class will be a community of athletes who bond over our Facebook group and inside our custom software where the programming is delivered.

We've pulled together over 12 coaches in disciplines like gymnastics, weightlifting, endurance, and injury prevention who have achieved the results for themselves and their athletes that you're looking for.

Tired of plateus? Matt was too...

Meet Your coaches

Here are our Coaches who will support you in getting all you can out of your body as efficiently and effectively as possible...


Here's how it works

Forget testing theories

Trial and errors are a waste of your time, because we've already done them for you. We take all the science, principles and methods that are proven to build lean mass and burn fat, and give them to you in one program.

Train with a team

Jim Rohn said that “You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Having a team of strong, dedicated athletes that are on the same page as you means committing yourself to excellence. You pull them up when they’re dragging behind and they’ve got your back.

World-class coach

You won't have to go scouring through information for hours anymore trying to figure out the tricks and tips of getting stronger and leaner. You will have highly educated, experienced coaches that have been there themselves and worked with thousands of individuals already.

Rock a 6 pack

These workouts won’t be easy, but the results are worth it. Each week, you’ll be lifting heavy. Your abs are going to get a hell of a workout, as is the rest of your body. If you stick with the program, you’ll have exceptional results.

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