Train like a Jedi, compete like a beast.

This strength and conditioning program is for athletes gunning it for sanctioned events or local competitions. To successfully compete in the sport of fitness (aka win some shiny medals), you need the whole shiny package. And since bodies and brains aren’t born strong — we train both. Just give us 90 minutes a day, and we’ll get you polished for some podiums.

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What is it?

  • A comprehensive training program created by world-class coaches, delivered via app, ensuring anytime access to workouts and explainer videos.
  • Our exclusive gymnastics program is a 1-20 level system that you’ll progress through at your own pace. If you complete level 20 you’ll be in the .1% in gymnastics in the entire sport of fitness — which would make you a freakin’ legend.
  • Individual paces for all endurance workouts to build your engine and truly optimize your performance.
  • Percentage based weightlifting and strength building designed by Matt Bruce, a 7x World Team weightlifter for the USA.
  • Fun metcons and EMOMs, anywhere between 3-5 per week depending on the time of the season we’re in.
  • Structured warm-ups to prevent injury, because limpin’ ain’t easy.
  • Support team and Facebook group to bond, motivate and get feedback during those “am I doing this thing right?” moments. We also host weekly coach livecasts within the groups, because we fancy like that.


It takes a squad.

Just like pro football players have multiple coaches, so should every elite athlete. With this group of hard-bodied hotties, you’ll be getting the best programming for every aspect of fitness.


Choose your program path to the podium.



Per Month

Our brand new one-on-one option gives you the opportunity to have completely individualized programming from our competition coaches.

One-on-One Coaching includes:

If you’re serious about reaching your full athletic potential, this program will get you there.

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