Make the Games your B****.

This strength and conditioning program is for seriously serious athletes who’d be willing to sacrifice their first born to make it to the CrossFit Games. Give us 3-4 hours every day, and we’ll give you the best competition year of your life.

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Games Prep Overview: What is it?

What is it?

We take the guesswork out of winning with a strength building program created by experts in every area of fitness, connecting you with a coach that really gives a shit and with a community of like-minded bad-asses.

Our Games Prep program will train your mind and body to lift heavier, run faster and live fuller inside and outside of the gym — because that’s what sets the elite apart.

  • A comprehensive strength and conditioning training program created by world-class coaches, delivered via app, ensuring anytime access to workouts and explainer videos.
  • Our exclusive gymnastics program is a 1-20 level system that you’ll progress through at your own pace. If you complete level 20 you’ll be in the .1% in gymnastics in the entire sport of fitness — which would make you a freakin' legend.
  • Individual paces for all endurance workouts to build your engine and truly optimize your performance.
  • Percentage based weightlifting and strength building designed by Matt Bruce, a 7x World Team weightlifter for the USA.
  • Fun metcons and EMOMs: Anywhere between 3-8 per week depending on time of the season.
  • Structured warm-ups to prevent injury, because limpin’ ain’t easy.


“When I got back from the military, I was just mixing up different WODs each week, kind of making it up as I went. But I love Brute because they give me a structured plan. It’s really all I needed, it’s the best of the best giving me a plan.“ - George Sanchez

It takes a squad.

Just like pro football players have multiple coaches, so should every elite athlete. With this group of hard-bodied hotties, you’ll be getting the best programming for every aspect of fitness.

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Our brand new one-on-one option gives you the opportunity to have completely individualized programming from our competition coaches.

One-on-One Coaching includes:

If you’re serious about reaching your full athletic potential, this program will get you there.

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