Become a Brute Gymnast from head(stand) to toe(touch)

This program has helped athletes of every level make a 360 transformation when it comes to their body weight movement and technical abilities. You next?


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  • Foundational gymnastic program designed to improve your skill level in every area
  • 20 level mastery-based system delivered via app
  • App ensures anytime access to pre-planned workouts and explainer videos
  • Goal is to augment success in COMPETITIVE FITNESS related gymnastics skills
  • Includes bodyweight exercises such as: pull-ups, handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, toes to bar, handstand walking, etc.
  • Includes dynamic movement work such as: static hold, mobility and strength work
  • Video analysis and personal attention from your coach on our private Facebook page

What does Gymnastics have to do with my overall fitness?

Glad you asked. The goal of Brute Gymnastics is quite simple – to make our members better athletes. To do this, we teach them how to optimize and manipulate their own bodies in motion. That’s pretty much it! After all, bodyweight movements are utilized in virtually every area of fitness training and competition.

The program that puts coaching in your pocket

Whether you’re warming up to the idea of gymnastics or ready to raise the bar for yourself, never again will you have to go at your training alone. Brute Gymnastics is now available on an app, walking you through every step, dip, muscle-up and movement so you totally nail it!

From wins at major fitness competitions to sports injury recovery and prevention, our coaches have helped thousands of other athletes get the most out of their bodies.

Your gymnastics, endurance, strength, and power will all improve faster because we meticulously plan every single progression, interval, and other aspect of the program for you. Unlike others, we also include a balanced warm-up that consists of injury prevention and movement prep exercises. That way you can focus on becoming the best athlete you can, while we focus on getting you there.


What's Included


20 level system progression

5 workout sessions for each level (session take 15-25 minutes)

Exclusive training videos for each workout

Additional 45-60 minute skill session once per week

Fitness portal app access

Private Facebook page access

A variety of *optional gymnastic-focused metcons, strength and mobility sessions.


Becoming a part of the BRUTE Strength team has completely changed me as an athlete. In one year they took me from placing 6th in the Northern California Regional to placing 1st in the California Super Regional.

Brooke Ence

I've tried lots of different training programs over the past few years. I would get better at one thing, only to realize that I had gotten worse at something else. BRUTE has helped me improve in literally every single aspect of my game.

Brennan Fjord

I love that for the first time I have someone (or a group of people) doing for me what I do for my athletes every day. I've never had a coach.

Ashley Navarre

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