This program raises the bar for our more seasoned athletes. Designed by experts from all angles of the fitness industry, our plan will bring you shoulder to shoulder with the greats of the Games’ Masters Competition. Are you ready to put the lead in leaderboard?



  • has at least 35 birthdays under his/her training belt
  • has the Games on the brain
  • is serious about fitness – but hold up, just how serious?

This is no program for commitment-phobes. You’ll spend 1½ – 3 hours each day doing highly technical movements. If you haven’t mastered snatches, muscle ups or handstand push-ups, start with our Brute Body Program.


The program lies in the palm of your hand.

  1. Download the app, take a physical test and record your results.
  2. Experts will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to create a routine that will reduce your overall training volume and ensure rapid improvement without overtraining.
  3. BOOM. Open the app daily for your own sweat-inducing dose of gains, complete with explainer videos by the Brute coaches.

Oh, and 4. You kill it at the CrossFit Games.

Like any remote programming, its hard to know exactly what you’re getting into. Doing some research, its ran by the best in the business, and Brute has brought in experts in certain fields (olympic lifting, gymnastics, endurance, etc), and a 2 time affiliate cup champ who has studied under some of the best strength coaches out there putting the pieces together. Its worth the money because you’re getting feedback and from the coaches, the more you put in, the more you get out. You’re also held accountable by 300+ athletes like yourself that you have an open line of communication with.

Ramsay Kubik


Solo A $676 VALUE

  • 4-6 Workouts (including metcons) + 5 Individualized Gymnastics Workouts + 1-2 Individualized Endurance Workouts + 1-2 Recovery Sessions/ Week
  • 6 days a week specifically designed for you to improve your entire game as quickly as possible ($99/ month value)
  • Technique videos for the entire gymnastics program levels 1-20 – Professionally shot videos of hundreds of gymnastics movements ($399 value)
  • Technique and video explanations for every single workout ($99/month value)
  • 79 a Month