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Mental Performance Coaching

What You Get

  • Tough love and energetic coaches that will get you out of your comfort zone
  • Support when you need it most
  • Mental PR's both in and out of the gym
  • Comfort knowing that you are working with a team that truly cares and wants to see you succeed in and out of the gym

How It Works

This is a mental performance coaching program for athletes who want to better understand and improve the components of performance that are often overlooked. After you fill out our online assessment, our coaches will thoroughly review your assessment with you and create an individualized program designed for you to reach your specific goals, build your mental toughness and transform your mindset.

Who's it For?

This program requires you to put in the work and simply isn’t for everyone. If you are someone who enjoys a real challenge and is dedicated to putting in the time in and outside of the gym towards a stronger mindset, then this program is for you. If you’re ready to face your fears, diminish doubts, sweat confidence and become an unbreakable force in the sport of fitness, this is the program you need!

Who It's Not For

If you are looking for shortcuts, or a quick fix and aren’t the kind of person who wants to dig deep and face the facts look elsewhere.

“The best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Your mindset will be challenged both in and outside of the gym, but in order to see growth and improvement, one must be challenged. The consistent challenges you’ll face in this program will help you quickly improve in many areas of your life. This program will be completely individualized to meet your specific needs and goals allowing you to focus solely on becoming the best athlete you can be, while we focus on doing the hard work to get you there.

What You Can Expect

You will face your fears, breakdown barriers, overcome adversity and be challenged to show up as the athlete you’ve always desired to be. Most importantly, you can expect to perform better than ever before and do so while staying calm, collected and focused when it matters most. You’ll notice your mindset training carry over into your everyday training, qualifiers, local competitions, The Open, Sanctionals and ultimately, the Games.

What Our Clients Say

Mental performance coaching has made such a big impact already and it has only been a short period of time that I have had the opportunity to work with Lauren. I think what really has opened my eyes is how I am beginning to become aware of what is tearing me down mentally. Although I have not yet mastered the mental side of life or sports, which most people never do, I can tell that through mental performance coaching, sticking with the habits and taking in the things I have learned even just up to this point, I have the potential to get very close. Lauren has helped me gain a new perspective and that is something everyone needs.

- Kenadee Moore

First of all, with Lauren, I have more than a coach, she is my friend! Mental performance coaching has made me more intentional, confident, and focused in and out of the gym. I know Lauren will question, probe, and help me reveal the things that hold me back, even if I’m unaware of them. She is seriously the best!

- Fernanda Sazo

I think the greatest part of mental performance coaching is the comfort of knowing that I’m not alone in my journey. That someone has my back, and that there are others out there who feel similar things that can negatively impact our lives inside and outside of our performance. It’s very empowering when you come to this realization. Our performance mentality can make someone the best or stop them dead in their tracks. I truly believe that everyone could benefit from a mental performance coach.

- Anna Kodur

Interested? Choose a Program


  • Included in all Brute programs except Outside The Box
  • Online Mental Performance Program
  • Great to supplement with your WOD's
  • Monthly webinar covering important and relevant topics
  • Monthly Q & A's
  • Monthly book recommendations because we all need to be a student of life and sport

1 On 1


  • Individualized attention and program designed to suit your needs, rathern than a generic, one size fits all program.
  • Assessment to identify where you currently are at vs. where you want to be!
  • Options for 1, 5 or 9 45-60 minute sessions within a certain time period
  • Programs can include unlimited email, additional homework and documents, online accountability tracker and more
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