Take Control Of Your Sanctionals Weekend

There’s A New Path To The Games, We Have Your Roadmap

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Prepare With Intention

Sanctionals Is Your Step To The Games. Brute Strength Has Built The Strategy To Prepare You For The Race To The Podium And Stake Your Claim In The Sport Of Fitness.

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Brute Sanctionals

  • Short-Term Commitment

    4-5 Week Program With Built In Prep, Deload, and Taper For Sanctionals.

  • Specific Training For Specific Sanctionals

    Elite Prep for 2-Workouts Days, 3-Workouts Dats, Indoors, Outdoors.

  • Focus On The Basics, Prepare For Anything

    From The Arena to Open Water, And Every Unique Movement In Between.

  • Engine and Endurance Work

    Specifically Designed To Increase Your Aerobic Baseline.

  • Enhanced Gymnastic Programming

    Develop The Common, Uncommonly Well With Frequent Complexes and Skill Work.

  • MetCons Built To Manage Your Weaknesses

    Constantly Varied, To The Highest Degree, Preparing For Victory.